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COVID-19 Cost Relief for Businesses

Due to COVID19 the world as we know it has changed and the payment industry is changing with it, now more than ever merchants need to be rescued! Many businesses are unable to get access to PPP loans or grants and are struggling to stay a-float. Merchant /owners are facing growing liabilities from payrolls, rent and the ever- burdensome credit card processing fees that diminish revenue on every transaction. Currently, many states looking to re-open businesses soon will have no choice but to pivot and find ways to cut costs while growing income. The best (and easiest!) way to do that is to implement a Cash Discount or Surcharging program for your daily transactions. A Cash discount program will shift the cost of credit card processing fees to the customer in the form of a percentage or a flat fee. By implementing this, a business eliminates up to 100% of their current processing fees. The types of businesses seeing the most immediate and dramatic savings include nail & hair salons, pizzerias, bars, restaurants and quick serve stores. It doesn't stop there, autobody shops, mechanics, cannabis stores, e-commerce platforms, online payment gateways and any other type of business that processes credit card transactions all benefit from using Merchant Hero LLC Cash Discount Program.

Merchant Hero’s Zero Fee Cash Discount program is a small business solution that includes a free credit card terminal on every placement, zero fee processing and no hidden fees. Our terminals are compatible with most POS systems and cash registers.

Contact us today to learn more and see if you qualify for our zero fee processing solution!

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