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Bar & Restaurant Savings Solution makes a huge difference in Covid Reality.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the most financially impacted businesses have been bars and restaurants are trying to adapt to a take-out business model. While survival seems next to impossible and owners are doing everything from converting to online ordering, developing a successful takeout menu, and having enormous overhead coverage; there is hope. Once bars and restaurants are given the green light to open, there will be additional challenges to face like keeping a sanitary and safe environment for patrons to frequent. Owners are also looking at mandatory face masks, hand sanitizer at every table, reduced staff, limited number of patrons allowed in establishments, and socially distant table seating being necessary.

How can all of your credit card processing expenses be covered with all these new road blocks? Many businesses we have spoken to and assisted in adopting the Cash Discount Program have been able to eliminate their processing fees completely. Those fees normally would add up to thousands of dollars a month taking away from your much needed revenue. How is this possible? Well, instead of businesses having to raise their prices to cover the cost of processing fees, the customer will cover the cost instead by paying a small processing fee when using a credit card. Now is the time to enact Merchant Hero Cash Discount Program since customers understand now more than ever that the restaurant and bar industry need their support.

Patrons may soon see their favorite bar or restaurant having this payment program and we would please encourage you to be supportive. Only a small percentage on your bill will allow the owners of your favorite establishment to survive in the social distancing COVID-19 reality we are in.

The Merchant Hero Cash Discount Program has not only assisted bars and restaurants pre COVID-19 but we continue to receive daily requests from all kinds of owners looking to help their businesses. By implementing of Cash Discount Program owners went from paying $1,500 to $3,000 per month in processing fees, to ZERO. They are now in a better position to survive thanks to Merchant Hero’s Cash Discount Program. Contact us today because that could be you too!

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