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 Know exactly what you are paying and why. 
With Interchange-plus pricing, we provide you with the most transparent and fair pricing model in the industry to help you save money. 

above interchange.

0.40% + 0.05¢

Per Transaction

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Here's An Example


What do you pay on a $100 sale? Expand each card type to see examples of how your rate varies based on the type of card used:

How Interchange-Plus Works:




Rates set by the card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. These fees are paid to the customer's issuing bank and account for the majority of credit card processing costs.

Card Association Fees:

Fees paid directly to the credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 


Merchant Hero Fee:

The 'Plus' represents the fee that we charge for our services. We show you exactly what we make in order to be 100% transparent. We will work with you to customize your rates and maximize your savings.

100% Transparency. Full disclosure. Here is a breakdown of our rates.

Passed-through at cost

Passed-through at cost

Merchant Hero Payments Fee

0.40% + $0.05

$20 / Month

$10.00 Per Chargeback

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No Set Up Fees   |   No Batch Fees   |   No Monthly Minimums   |   No Annual Fees   |   No Early Termination Fees   |   No Hidden Fees

Custom Pricing.

Custom pricing packages may be available for large businesses depending on payment volume, average transaction size, and more. We’d love to have a conversation about it.


Find out how you can reduce your monthly processor fees by up to 95%

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